Information on Goals

  • Describe goals in the form below, and include the date the goal was set and the date it was achieved.

Examples of Student Achievements:


 Placed in training program 
 Placed in postsecondary education 
 Obtained secondary school diploma 
 Obtained GED
 Completed educational functioning level
 Achieved work-based project learning goal
 Completed a curriculum level

Workplace & Finance
 Retained employment or received salary increase 
 Left public assistance 
 Entered employment 
 Opened bank account 
 Interviewed for a job

Personal & Family
 Obtained a library card 
 Visited library (with/for child) 
 Purchased books or magazines
 Increased involvement in child's school
 Increased involvement in child's literacy activities 
 Increased involvement in child's education
 Increased contact with child's teacher
 Helped child more with school 
 Improved Vocabulary 

 Improved writing skills (mail, check, applications, resume, etc.) 
 Increased self-esteem/confidence 
 Read to children 
 Skills to relocate (real estate listings, calculate cost, etc.) 

Health & Societal
 Voted or registered to vote 
 Increased involvement in community activities 
 Achieved citizenship skills 
 Filled out forms (medical, financial, employment, educational, etc.) 
 Found a doctor or clinic 
 Obtained a driver’s license
 Exercised legal rights
 Performed civic duty
 Accessed community services
 Improved reading skills (newspaper, rules, school notices, labels, etc.)
 Followed medical directions
 Used technology