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Become a Volunteer

Volunteers are essential to the success of the Lee County LITERACY COALITION. We need individuals willing to encourage others, share positivity and make new, fulfilling connections.  

Areas of support needed:



Training is provided as applicable. 

Call us today or fill out the form below if you are interested in being a LCLC volunteer! 




Office Administration

Support Staff During Fundraising Events and  Activities

Thank you! You will be contacted in 1-2 business days by LCLC staff..

Taylor Reedy, Volunteer
"I always enjoy feeling that I have been instrumental in helping someone. It is great to see that huge smile on that person's face after you have helped them."

Bill Walsh, Past President & Secretary
"I had taught at the university level for my career, but tutoring was a new experience - teaching people who were really dedicated to learning to read. All three of my learners were a great joy to me, and I looked forward to each day that I met with them. Tutoring is a relationship that rewards both the learner and the tutor. All you need is patience and the desire. LCLC will help you with the rest."

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