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Become a Volunteer Tutor

Volunteers are essential to the success of the Lee County LITERACY COALITION. We need individuals willing to encourage others, share positivity and make new, fulfilling connections. The LCLC provides free one-to-one tutoring for adult learners in reading, math, writing, and GED preparation. Training is provided; no prior experience is necessary.

Learning space is available virtually, at public library partners as well as the LCLC office. Sessions are generally held once a week. The time and place are always determined by the tutor and the learner. Volunteering is a great way to add value to our community, empower the life of an adult learner while enriching your own.  

Call us today or fill out the form below! 

Thank you! You will be contacted by LCLC staff in 1-2 business days.

Carolyn Moore, Tutor
"I always enjoy feeling that I have been instrumental in helping someone overcome a problem or reach a goal. I always want to encourage each [learner] to believe that he or she can improve his or her life by learning a little more each time we meet. The further my student manages to go, the more excited I become."

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