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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is required to become a tutor?
A. Anyone can become a tutor, and volunteers are always needed! The desire to help others improve their reading, writing, or mathematical skills is required. Training and support is provided to ensure success. Tutors will be asked to complete a background check before being paired with a learner.

Q. Do I need previous teaching experience?
A. No.  After completing a tutor intake, potentials are provided a basic tutor training program that teaches the fundamentals. 

Q. How are tutoring assignments made?
A. Tutors and learners are paired by LCLC staff. The process includes location, skillset, needs, and availability when making the matches.

Q. How often do tutors and learners meet?
A. Tutors and learners are encouraged to meet once a week. A typical tutoring session is one hour. Some tutors and learners choose to meet twice a week, or for longer sessions such as one and a half to two hours. Decisions concerning frequency and duration of tutoring sessions are determined by the tutors and learners.

Q. How do I track learner progress?
A. Tutor will submit a monthly Tutor Report form. If you have questions or concerns about learner progress, schedule to meet with LCLC staff to discuss next steps and program options. 

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